Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VH1 Behind the music feat. 50cent.

Behind the Music was great yesterday...I learned some things about 50cent I never knew. 50cent is a real inspiration to me, he came from nothing and made something of himself. He never stopped hustling. He got shot 9 times and came back saying "what don't kill me will make me stronger". He started writing for Diddy, but the relationship went sour when he overheard an argument in Daddy's House studio and 50 pulled out his gun, not knowing they were joking. Diddy immediately stopped working with him. 50 then took the mixtape route and killed the streets... the industry was buzzing. Eminem got hold of his mixtape and the rest is history. Now 50 is one of the hottest rappers and biggest moguls out investor in Vitamin Water, an owner of G-Unit clothing and sneakers, an author of a best-selling book, and even an actor starring in movies with A-List actors like Robert Deniro and Al Pacino. This goes to show you, don't ever stop chasing your life to the fullest....only God can judge you. D Fastlife...

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